Dr. Dara Abdulla Qadir

The Department of Nursing will highlight the role of health nursing science in the discoveries and integration of basic knowledge from multiple fields of study. It seeks to advance the understanding of diseases and the analysis of infections with strategic plan and extensive information and technology. Arming the graduates with adequate capacity and capability to fulfill the one masterpiece missing in proper medical investigation and treatment, The diagnosis.

According to the department program:

In year 1 the student will receive all related basic medical information, chemistry, biology, microbiology, biochemistry, anatomy and physiology.

In Year 2, as well as being introduced to the field of adult nursing I and II, health assessment and human growth and development, you will develop a wider knowledge of health and social care practice and the underpinning life sciences.

During Year 3 they will continue to develop their field-specific competencies alongside developing an understanding of the importance of research, life sciences and their application to nursing practice, besides Adult Nursing III and IV, besides study and practice of child health and maternity health nursing

Year 4 they will be prepared to deal with the competencies of current community health nursing, and psychiatric and health care with a distinct identity a health care nurse.

The graduate student has capability and comprehensive practical knowledge in all fields of nursing.