2nd Brest self-examination – Community project

The second breast self-examination community project awareness jointly organized by Dean of Students Representative and Research Assistants at the Faculty of Nursing, directed by the Head of the Nursing Department at Tishk International University.  

The Project concluded successfully after two days of engaging discussions and productive collaborations from  Zhyiar Institute for human development & Daratoo High School for girls , held on two different days from 31th October to 1st November 2022 with the goal of raising global awareness of breast cancer and educating people on strategies for avoiding it ,The project goals to inform the community about the prevalence of breast cancer and the methods for early diagnosis while and to assess the knowledge, attitude, and practice  regarding breast self-examination  in a Zhyiar Institute for human development & Daratoo High School for girls. 

 Also empowering the nursing student to serve as a community educator and actively participate in the learning environment.  

As a result, the project has been divided into two sessions: the first session featured a seminar on breast cancer presented by nursing faculty staff ( Mrs Shinwey Bakhtiyar, and the second session featured the nursing students (Sumaya Hussain and Marwa Saadi) explaining the significance of early detection.  

Many self-examinations were carried out during this time, and the participants received instruction on how to use this screening technique for the early detection of health issues like cancer. The staff also suggested healthy diets and exercise regimens as a way to promote a healthy lifestyle and lessen the risk of breast cancer development. The community project to promote social breast self-examination featured about 100 female participants. 

In support of TIU’s Faculty of Nursing, we would like to extend our gratitude to all staff members who took part in the event and the campaign to show support and spread awareness of breast cancer.