On 9-14th February, the students of the Nursing Department at TIU participated in an international training on Management of Critical0 Ill Children and Infant and Child CPR Training, held by a number of nursing specialists from the USA and members of the organization entitled “love them all” . The collaboration organized an impactful training, and the following remarks were noted:

  1. Management of critically ill children

We provided general and important information about critical illness in children. We hope this event becomes a life-changing event for the student. They learnt how to design and evaluate models of care that aim to implement family-centered care to support more positive outcomes for critically ill children and their families.

  1. Infant and child CPR training

During the event, we taught students the two simple steps of Hands-Only CPR and other lifesaving skills.

  1. Basic of infection transmission and prevention

Our team of healthcare professionals taught the students how to recognize and prevent the transmission of germs and healthcare-associated feeding.

  1. Feeding tube insertion for infants (Nasogastric tube)

Our event gave best practice for the insertion and confirmation of placement of nasogastric tubes in children and infants in the acute care setting.