Job Vacancy Announcement (Male-RA)

Date: August 23, 2022
To: All BSc holding in Nursing
From: Head of Nursing Department
Job Opening: Research Assistant (Assistant)
Department/Nursing Department, Faculty of Nursing, Tishk International University

The following job vacancy is available within the Nursing Department, Faculty of Nursing, Tishk International University. Qualified and eligible individuals interested in applying for this position may submit an application CV to the e-mail address ([email protected]) by no later than August 30, 2022. The working hours will be starting from 08:30 am to 05:00 pm and 5 days per week with having one month summer holiday.

Conditions for Applying to RA:

  1. Male.
  2. Got 70% of BSc and above.
  3. Having at least 2 years of experience in the clinic and practical teaching in nursing.
  4. Graduation of 2019-2020 and below.